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The following articles indicate why and how the Hong Kong Flow Cytometry Society was established in 1994.

The idea of forming a Flow Cytometry Society in Hong Kong which would provide opportunities to exchange information and to discuss applications in the field of flow Cytometry was conceived by an active core of users and researchers. So far, 19 members have expressed an interest, and we are still recruiting additional members. The small founding group (Mr. E.P. Robertson, Dr. Timothy Yip, Ms. Kannie Chan, Ms. Daisy Cheung, Mr. Frankie Lee, Ms Karen Li, Ms. Marie Kwok and myself) has had two informal meetings. We have discussed the following possible objectives for The Hong Kong Flow Cytometry Society:

  1. To provide a forum whereby current users of the flow Cytometry can get together to discuss ideas and exchange technical problems and scientific information.

  2. To disseminate knowledge relating to flow cytometry.

  3. To facilitate a communication network with local and oversea professional organizations.

Flow Cytometry is a relatively new technology in the clinical laboratory. It provides the clinician with valuable information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is especially useful in monitoring immunodeficiencies, leukemias, and other malignancies. There are many other clinically useful applications for which it is suited. As the technology continues to grow, so will the use of the flow cytometer. For users in a laboratory research setting, the formation of a Flow Cytometry Society in Hong Kong hope to offer scientists and medical professionals a rare opportunity to learn about the most recent breakthroughs in the field of flow cytometry through exchange of information. We strongly believe that such a Society in Hong Kong would have considerable benefits for its members. The following are just few examples:

  • Organizing local " flow " meetings and coordinating visiting speakers from home and abroad;

  • Providing a forum for the collection and dissemination of information relating to flow cytometry;

  • Providing local help for new users;

  • Enabling members to report on international meetings which they have recently attended;

  • Distribution of relevant information;

  • Providing updated information on flow cytometry applications;

  • Providing a central register of Hong Kong flow cytometry users for members' reference;

  • Promoting research, development and applications in analytical cytology

  • Organizing regular informal dinners for members;

  • Producing, eventually, a regular newsletter for members.

We are presently seeking information on Government regulations for registering a Society in Hong Kong. We also invite you to suggest candidates for the positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and three Council members who would be responsible for the newsletter. These officers will be elected at the first AGM following nomination in writing by members who are personally acquainted with the nominee. We will notify you of the exact date for the first AGM which is scheduled for late April or early May. Individuals who are proposed for nomination should have agreed to be nominated and to serve. Please check that the individual is willing to stand before making a proposal.

All forms of help in the initial stages of setting up the Society would be most welcome. We need dedicated individuals who are seriously interested in the development of the Society and in serving its members. We need to decide upon an annual subscription. Initially this is to cover stationery, photocopying and postage. A figure of HK $100 has been suggested but this can be finalized at the AGM. Please contact me or Mr. E.P. Robertson (i.e. by phone, fax or E-mail) with your suggestions and nominations. Enclosed is a directory, please check your personal information and inform me if amendments are needed .