For Nurse's Day

Here comes the twelfth of May –
Let's join hands to celebrate the Nurse's Day.

Reflecting on nursing education today,
have we achieved what nurses believe and state?

We care, we love, we cascade
the art and science Nightingale promulgates.

We soothe, we heal, and we save
the body and mind of the human race.

Blessed with technology and scientific ways,
we build knowledge of evidence-based.

From hospital to community-base,
nursing is advancing at a constant pace.

With vision and commitment to nuture,
we develop competent professionals of the future.

Equipped with sound knowledge and a critical mind,
our successors are prepared to lead and inspire.

How to achieve success of our endeavour?
Life-long learning will be the answer.

With determination and a heart of fire,
we are sure our profession will prosper.

In this great day for nurses today,
let's join hands to celebrate!

Anne Marie Wong
12 May 2004