The New Office-Bearers of the Executive Committee for the Years 2004-2006 are as follows

Chairperson Professor Sally CHAN
Vice-Chairperson Ms Winnie SO
1st Secretary Professor CHAIR Sek-ying
2nd Secretary Ms Shirley WONG
1st Treasurer Ms YU Lei-king
2nd Treasurer Mr. Edmond TONG
Education Subcommittee Dr. Angela CHAN (Coordinator)
  Ms Marian MA (Member)
  Ms Anita PANG (Member)
  Professor Karis KWONG (Co-opted Member)
  Dr. Sharron LEUNG (Co-opted Member)
  Ms Emmy WONG (Co-opted Member)
Membership Promotion Subcommittee Ms Kitty CHAN (Coordinator)
  Ms Peggie WONG (Member)
  Ms Trudy HO (Co-opted Member)
Publication Subcommittee Professor Violeta LOPEZ (Coordinator)
  Ms Anne Marie WONG (Co-opted Member)
Welfare & Recreation Subcommittee Mr. William LI (Coordinator)
  Professor Irene WONG (Member)
  Ms Monita LEE (Co-opted Member)
  Ms Irene THONG (Co-opted Member)
  Ms Cherie YIP (Co-opted Member)