The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and the 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The EGM, the 17th AGM together with the Scientific Meeting and dinner was held at the World Trade Centre Club in Causeway Bay on the 28 March 2003. Amidst the uncertainties and worries of atypical pneumonia, it was a successful, enjoyable and relaxing event. The title of the Scientific Meeting was "Positioning of Nursing in the Era of Change". The topic was very timely and important in this era of changes. We are very appreciative to the two distinguished speakers: Dr. LEONG Che-Hung, the Patron of the Society and the Chairman of the Hospital Authority, and the Honorable Mr. Michael MAK, the Honorary Advisor of the Society and Legislative Councillor. Their speeches offered useful insights and encouragement to our members. It was pointed out that the role of the nurse is not only changing, but has also become much more diverse. Nurses need specialised knowledge and skills, and therefore need to learn continuously to keep themselves abreast with the environment changes and professional advancements. It was also highlighted that nurses must be united in our quest for professionalism.

At the dinner after the AGM, we were very fortunate to have a group of talented musician (who are health care professionals working in the Hospital Authority) playing beautiful Chinese music for us. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to them. The luck draws also gave us lots of funs and excitement. We were grateful to the Society's Advisors, guests, members and colleagues who participated in the event for their support to the Society. We look forward to having their continuing support and collaboration in the future.