News from the Education Subcommittee

The Education sub-committee has planned a range of activities for the coming term of office. The first activity, a seminar on Palliative care given by Ms. Camilla Li from Queen Mary Hospital, successfully took place on 27th May 2002 and was attended by almost 90 participants. The Sub-committee also plans to hold two revision courses for the Hong Kong Nursing Council Universal Licensing Examination. One course will be in Cantonese and one will be in English for those candidates who are non-Cantonese speaking. It is also intended to hold a seminar for undergraduate nurses next year to contribute to their preparation for the ULE.

Other topics planned for the coming year include a counseling course and a statistics course held in Cantonese. Members of the sub-committee would welcome suggestions for continuing education topics from members of the Society.

Sheila Twinn
The Convenor
Education Subcommitte