The 16th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 16th AGM with the Scientific Meeting and dinner was held at the Eaton Hotel on the 15th March 2002. That evening was a successful and enjoyable event. The title of the scientific meeting for this year is "The Establishment of Hong Kong Academy of Nursing". The meeting was well received by the members. The topic was regarded as very timely and important for nursing professional development. We are very appreciative to the two speakers: Dr. LEONG Che-Hung, the President of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and Dr. Susie LUM, the Honorary Advisor of the Society and the Senior Executive Manager (Nursing) of the Hospital Authority, Hong Kong for their speeches. Both speakers shared their inspirations on the vision of the Academy and offered many insightful ideas about the issues related to the establishment of an Academy of Nursing. An outline of Dr. LUM's presentation is published in this issue of the Newsletter. In that Scientific Meeting, we were also very fortunate that Professor Angela Barron McBride, the University Dean and Distinguished Professor, School of Nursing, Indiana University and the former President of the American Academy of Nursing, shared with us her experience and views about setting up an Academy of Nursing. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Professor McBride for her great contribution to the Scientific Meeting.

We would like to thank all the members and colleagues who attended the AGM for their support to the Society. It was very encouraging that many student members attended the AGM. It is very important for nursing students to participate in professional activities during the early days in their professional life, to learn about their profession and to develop a commitment to professional growth.

The New Office-Bearers of the Executive Committee (EC) for the Years 2002-2004 are as follows:
Chairperson Professor Sally CHAN
Vice-Chairperson Ms Shirley WONG
1st Secretary Ms Winnie SO
2nd Secretary Dr. Marian WONG
1st Treasurer Mr. Edmond TONG
2nd Treasurer Mr. CHENG Bing-shu
Education Subcomittee Professor Sheila TWINN (Coordinator)
Dr. Angela CHAN
Dr. Sharron LEUNG
Membership Promotion Subcommittee Ms YU Lei-king
Ms Monita LEE
Publication Subcommittee Ms Anne Marie WONG (Coordinator)
Ms Trudy HO
Professor Violeta LOPEZ (Co-opted Member)
Welfare & Recreation Subcommittee Ms Peggie WONG (Coordinator)
Mr. William LI (Co-opted Member)