PSHK GC Members Contact List (Year 2002)

President Mr. Benjamin Kwong Public Affairs, Joint Conference of HK Healthcare Professional Organizations
Vice President Mr. Peter Leung Membership, Welfare & Benefits
Hon. Secretary Ms. Winnie Ng Dispensing Standards
Hon. Treasurer Mr. John Lau Welfare & Benefits
General Council Mr. Chi Kit Chan Job & Locum
  Mr. Peter Chua China Pharmaceutical Association, O&R
  Mr. Ken Hau Internal Communication
  Mr. Henry Lau Revenue Project (OTC Handbook)
  Dr. Grace Lau HKPJ, Ordinances & Regulations (O&R)
  Mr. Kenneth Lau Continuing Education
  Mr. Gary Leung Dispensing Standards
  Mr. Wilson Leung Old Age Homes
  Ms. Vivian Ma Ordinances & Regulations
  Mr. Chi Ming Wong Welfare & Benefits
  Ms. Helen Wong Pharmacy Conference


Title Office Bearer
President Mr.Benjamin Kwong
Vice-President Mr. Peter Leung
Hon. Treasurer Mr. John Lau
Hon. Secretary Ms. Winnie Ng
Subcommittee Co-ordinator
Membership Peter Leung
Welfare Wong Chi Ming
Peter Leung
Internal Communication Ken Hau
Revenue Project Henry Lau
Continuing Education Kenneth Lau
Pharmacy Practice
- Old Age Home Project
Wilson Leung
Chan Chi Kit
Pharmacy Practice
- Dispensing Standards
Winnie Ng
Gary Leung
Ordinances & Regulations Grace Lau
Vivian Ma
Peter Chua
Collaborative Activities
- HK Pharmaceutical Journal
Grace Lau
Collaborative Activities
- Pharmacy Conference
Helen Wong
Collaborative Activities
- China Pharmaceutical Association (CPA)
Peter Chua
Collaborative Activities
- Public Affairs
Benjamin Kwong & Peter Leung
Job & locum Chi Kit Chan

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