The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong

Revised Constitution of Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong ( 1994 )

1. NAME The Society shall be called The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong.

2. ADDRESS The Society's address shall be 4th Floor Duke of Windsor Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong.

  1. To stimulate interest in, to exchange views in the field of, and to provide co-operation and facilitate relationship among those who are interested in obstetrics and gynaecology.
  2. To organize scientific meetings in connection with obstetrics and gynaecology.
  3. To represent the obstetricians and gynaecologists of Hong Kong in international organizations.

4. MEMBERSHIP Regular and life members : All medical practitioners registered in Hong Kong who are interested in Obstetrics and Gynaecology are eligible to apply.
Associate members : Medical practitioners and health related workers who are interested in Obstetrics Gynaecology are eligible to apply.
A membership application form must be filled by the candidate, who must be nominated and seconded by regular or life members of the society.
Every application must be approved by the Council.
Associate members do not have voting right, and cannot be office bearers.

  1. Every new member must pay an entrance fee of HKS100.
  2. Subscription for life membership HK$2,500.
    Annual subscription for regular members HKS200.
    Annual subscription for associate members HK$200.
  3. The Society in general meeting may from time to time resolve to change the amounts of entrance fee and subscriptions payable by member.
  4. All annual subscriptions shall become due payable in advance on 1st January in every year for regular and associate members and on day of admission for new members for the first year.

6. PATRON The Patron may be appointed at the general meeting by members present. The Patron may or may not be a Medical Practitioner.

  1. The Society shall have a Council to execute all its functions.
  2. The Council shall consist of:
    The President
    The Vice-President
    The Honorary Secretary
    The Honorary Treasurer
    The Immediate Past-President and five other members
    In addition to the five Council members, the Council may co-opt one associate member into the Council.
  3. The Council shall he elected by a show of hands at the general meeting from among its life and regular members.
  4. Each Council shall serve for a period of two years and any of its member may be re-elected.
  5. The Council shall have the power to appoint any eligible member of the Society to fill any casual vacancy occurring by death or resignation. But, any member of the Council so appointed shall hold office only until the next General Meeting of the Society and he shall be eligible for re-election.
  6. The Society at an Extraordinary General Meeting may resolve to remove any member of the Council before the expiration of his period of office, and may appoint another member in his stead.

  1. A general meeting is to be held once in two years either in May or June.
  2. Members shall be notified in writing 14 days prior to the Biennial General Meeting.
  3. Twenty life or regular members shall form a quorum. If a quorum could not be formed at the first convocation the meeting shall be adjourned to within 30 days. Members shall again be notified in writing 14 days prior to the second convocation at which the presence of any number of members shall form a quorum.
  4. The Council may, whenever they think fit, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall also be convened upon the written request of 20 or more of regular or life members of the Society. Discussions and resolution at an Extraordinary General Meetings shall be restricted to those subjects raised. The method of notifying members and the quorum shall be the same as those for the Biennial General Meeting.

  1. The Council shall meet from time to time as required.
  2. Five members of the Council shall from a quorum.

  1. Any member wishing to resign his membership of the Society shall give notice in writing addressed to the Honorary Secretary.
  2. any member whose annual subscription is in arrears for one year or more shall cease ipso facto to be a member of the Society. He may be reinstated at the discretion of the Council on payment of all arrears.

11. EXPULSION The Society reserves the right to expel any member who does not wish to conform to the regulations of the Society at a General Meeting.

12. USE OF FUNDS The income and property of the Society whencesoever derived shall he applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Society as set forth herein; and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit, to the member of the Society provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment, in good faith, of remuneration to any officers or servants of the Society or to any member of the Society in return for any services actually rendered to the Society nor prevent the payment of interest at a rate not exceeding 12% per annum on money lent, or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let by any member to the Society; but so that no member of the Council or governing body of the Society shall be appointed to any salaried office of the Society paid by fees, and that no remuneration or other benefit in money or money's worth shall be given by the Society to any member of the Council or governing body except repayment of out-of-pocket expenses and interest at the rate aforesaid on money lent or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let to the Society provided that the provision last aforesaid shall not apply to any payment to any company of which a member of the Council or governing body may he a member and in which such member shall not hold more than one-hundredth part of the capital, and such member shall not be bound to account for any share of profits he may receive in respect of such payment.

13. LIABILITY OF MEMBERS The liability of the members is limited. Every member of the Society undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Society in the event of its being wound up while he is a member or within one year after he ceases to be a member, for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Society contracted before he ceases to he a member and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributories among themselves, such amount as may be required not exceeding twenty dollars.

14. DISSOLUTION If upon the dissolution of the Society there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Society but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Society and which shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property amongst its or their member, such institution or institutions to be determined by the members of the Society before the time of dissolution and in default thereof by a Judge of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong having jurisdiction in regard to charitable funds, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision then to some charitable object.

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