Hong Kong Dermatology & Venereology Bulletin

Volume 11 Number 3, Autumn 2003

Cutaneous tuberculosis: clinical features, diagnosis and management

SCK Ho 何正剛

The clinicopathological manifestations of cutaneous tuberculosis are protean. Compared to pulmonary tuberculosis, cutaneous tuberculosis is uncommon and more difficult to diagnose. The use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has enhanced detection of cutaneous tuberculosis. The clinicopathological features, diagnosis, and treatment of cutaneous tuberculosis are reviewed. Exclusion of concurrent tuberculosis at other sites is important. (H.K. Dermatol. Venereol. Bull. (2003) 11, 131-140)

皮膚結核病的臨床及病理表現十分多樣化。與肺結核病比較,皮膚結核病不常見,亦較難診斷。用多聚 J 鏈反應有助發現皮膚結核病。本文綜述皮膚病的臨床表現、診斷及治療。排除身體其它部位的結核十分重要。

Keywords : Cell-mediated immunity, cutaneous tuberculosis, tuberculids


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