The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume 2, No.2 2004
Articles Type Topic Author
  An overview of health fitness of Hong Kong children and adults in the past 20 years - Part 2 Frank H. FU, Jinlei NIE, Tom K. TONG
  Timing and optimization of dietary supplements for recovery and performance John L. IVY
  Exercise, fitness and health: research strategies for a changing society David.A. BRODIE, Lynette D. HODGES, Gavin R. H. SANDERCOCK
  Effects of vitamin C supplementation on recovery from eccentric exercise-induced muscle soreness and damage in junior athletes Jinlei NIE, Hua LIN
  Effect of different training stress on leptin, cortisol and testosterone in elite female rowers Yihua DING, Xiaoyan GUO, Huali LU, Fanxing ZENG
  The socio-political conservatism associated with doping and high-performance sport: a case study of an athletic squad's perspective Sean WILSON, Keith GILBERT, Allan EDWARDS
  The physiological and psychological effects of resistance training on Chinese obese adolescents Patrick WC LAU, CW YU, Antoinette LEE, Rita YT SUNG