The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume 1, No.1 2003

Articles Type Topic Author
 Review Articles Obesity prevention and health promotion during early periods of growth and development Jana Parizkova, Ming-kai Chin
  Free radicals and exercise: implication in health and fitness Li Li JI
 Original Articles The prevalence of coronary heart disease risk factors of Hong Kong secondary school students Frank H. Fu, Xuanming Hao
  The control of normal inspiratory muscle force output restricts the rise of ventilation during intense intermittent exercise Tom K. Tong, Binh Quach, Kui Lu
  Physical self-concept between PE major and non-PE major student in Hong Kong Pak-kwong Chung
Communication Section Insulin-like growth factor-1 induces skeletal muscle hypertrophy Sukho LEE
  Cross education and neuromuscular adaptations during early stage of strength training Shi ZHOU
Case Report Leg power and physical performance measures of top national track athletes LO AMUSA, AL TORIOLA