The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XV, November 2002
Articles Type Topic Author
  Presurgical Anxiety, Concerns, and Anticipated Benefits Associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Britton W. Brewer, Allen E. Cornelius, Judy L. Van Raalte, And Albert J. Petitpas , Joseph H. Sklar, Mark H. Pohlman, And Robert J. Krushell, Terry D. Ditmar, Jeffrey P. Rice, Kenneth Tubilleja
  The Effect of Menstruation on Performance and Physiological and Psychological Markers in National-level Endurance Athletes Kim Isherwood, Lena Fung
  Validity And Reliability of A Chinese-translated Perceived Exertion Scale for Children: The Children's Effort Rating Table (CERT) Raymond W. Leung, Leung Mee Lee, Chung Pak Kwong, Binh Quach
  Evaluating Anthropometric Indicators: Which is The Best Marker of Blood Pressure in 10-15 Year Old Children? C. Underhay And J.H. De Ridder, H.S. Kruger And J.M. Van Rooyen
  The Effects of Exogenous Growth Hormone Administration on Aorta, Renal, Hepatic Orphology and Serum Lipid Metabolism in Exercised Rats Zhu Han, Zeng Fanxing, Liu Jinjuan, Li Yang, Ding Yijian, Lu Guohuei and Hu Liang, Fang Zilong
The Research of the Effect of Hip Stress Lower-limbs Strength Training Methods on Dash Technique and Key Specialized Strength Hong Tao
Molecular Characterization of Intestinal Microflora of Middle-distance Racers in Response to Exercise Stress Jing Chen, Li Ping Zhao and De Cai Qiao
Leisure Time in "Amateur" and High Level Female Gymnasts Franco Viviani, Pia Grassivaro Gallo