The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XV, November 2002

The Effect of Menstruation on Performance and Physiological and Psychological Markers in National-level Endurance Athletes

Instructor School
Hard Work Studio
Copenhagen, Denmark

Department of Physical Education
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong, China

This study, the effect of menstruation on performance and selected psychological and physiological markers were examined in 20 female national-level endurance athletes selected from the sport of rowing, swimming, triathlon, and distance running. Measurements in Total Mood Disturbance (TMD), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Training Heart Rate (THR), and Performance Rating (PER) were recorded over 8-week cycle. Menstruation was found to have a significant impact on TMD, THR, and PER.

Key Words: Menstruation, mood disturbance, training heart rate, performance, endurance athletes.

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