The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XIV, May 2002
Articles Type Topic Author
  Effects of unilateral voluntary and electromyostimulation training on muscular strength of the contralateral limb Shi Zhou, Andrew Oakman & Allan Davie
  Substrate utilization and glucose kinetics during exercise in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus Jie Kang, David E. Kelley
  The effect of aerobic training on the gene expression of neuropeptide y in rat hypothalamus Ying Zhang, Feiyun Feng, Hao Wu
  The effect of aging and aerobic exercise on mitochondrial dna deletions in rat liver Shi Qingde, Yang Xirang, Zhang Yong, Jie Jinlei, Liu Shusen
  Ethnical differences in response to an intervention program in fitness Merav Nagel
Changes in leydig cells after treatment of tu-chung extractduring endurance training in male rats Yang Hu, Katsumi Asano, Sungryol Kim
Goal orientations of Hong Kong athletes and non-athletes Lena Fung, Polina Cheng, Zhixiang Mao
Communication Section Exercise and body composition Steven Kuei-fu Lin
  Influence of combined stimulation of repeated physical load and artificially provoked hypoxia on metabolic adaptation and work capacity of athletes Jian Jie