The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XIII, November 2001
Articles Type Topic Author
  A path analysis of attitudes toward eating, perfectionism, and mood states of dancers Merav Nagel
  College athletic trainers' perceptions of professional preparation related to managing stressors in the work environment: curriculum implications for athletic training education programs Beverly J. Westerman, Patricia A. Sullivan, Honey W. Nasliman
  An evaluation of a popular sport beverage: gastric empyting and exercise responses Robert N. Girandola
  Mahuang preparations and doping Quen Huen Jani, Mei-Chich Hsu, Ying-Chi Ho
  The effects of cordyceps sinensis supplementation on endurance and strength exercises Jiun Yi Chiang, Mei-Chich Hsu
Communication Section Doping control in major games Eduardo Henrique De Rose
Influence of feeding pattern on postprandial blood glucose responses P.M.F. Siu, S.H.S. Wong, J. Morris & S. Chung
  Dietary profile of a group of endurance-trained female runners in Hong Kong A.C. M. Lok, S.H.S. Wong & J.G. Morris
  "Compound liquid of termites" on mice's weight and hemoglobin level Nawei Ji, Peng Jiaxiun, Cheng Ping, Qiou Yi, Gao Shun And Xie Shaoxian, Wang Lijuan, Duan Guihua, Wu Jixiao
  Study on the nutritional supplements and changes of blood indexes during excess long time swimming Guo Lin, Cao Jianmin, Zhang Jian, Han Xianxi
  The effects of chinese herbs on the recovery of exercise-induced fatigue Xu Xiaoyang