The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XIII, November 2001

Study on the nutritional supplements and changes of blood indexes during excess long time swimming

Guo Lin1, Cao Jianmin2, Zhang Jian2, Han Xianxi3
1 Shandong Teachers' University, Jinan, China
2 Beijing University of Physical Education, Beijing, China
3 Qingdao Chemical Industrial Institute, Qingdao, China

In recent years, FINA has organized water tournament with distance ranging from 25 to 88 km. In order to maintain physical power and finish the swimming distance, one needs nutritional supplement during swimming. But the event was only set up recently and there was no report on how to provide nutrition, or on the exercise intensity and workload. Zhang Jian, a teacher of Bejing University of Physical Education, was the first Chinese who had finished swimming across Behai channel successfully and also across the English channel. The research was designed to study the levels of blood glucose (BG), blood lactate (BLA) and blood urea (BUN) every 4-5 hrs during Zhang Jian's 20, 30 and 40 hrs excess long time swimming (ELTS). Low exercise intensity was a specificity of ELTS. The nutritional supplements plan made for Zhang Jian was adequate and experience gained for the nutritional supplements plan for ELTS, established the basis to design future nutritional reinforcement plan scientifically.

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