The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XIII, November 2001

"Compound liquid of termites" on mice's weight and hemoglobin level

Nawei Ji, Peng Jiaxiun, Cheng Ping, Qiou Yi, Gao Shun And Xie Shaoxian1, Wang Lijuan2, Duan Guihua3, Wu Jixiao4
1 Jiangxi Sports Research institute, Jiangxi, China
2 Jiangxi Rehabilitation Center, Jiangxi, China
3 Shandong Sports Research Center, Shandong, China
4 Physical Education Institute of Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi, China

With the guidance of extreme training load on human body, more and more athletes suffered from over-training related fatigue. Some researches proved that the cause of fatigue is related to the level of hemoglobin level. This research is based on the observation of big mice's body weight and hemoglobin by applying "Compound Liquid of Termites" to the big mice. The result shows that "Compound Liquid of Tertmite" significantly increases the mice's hemoglobin level, which improves the training ability. This research is trying to discover a kind of new biological supplement for sports men.

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