The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XII, May 2001
Articles Type Topic Author
  Leisure time and the theory of recreation Hillel Ruskin
  Banding effects in physical activity participation extent and reasons therefor of Hong Kong secondary school pupils Koenraad J. Lindner
  A comparative study of the effects of bone invigorating exercise and calcium supplement on postmenopausal women's bone metabolism biochemical markers Zhang Lin and Yang Xirang
  Recent developments of human growth hormone and insulin like growth factors in exercise Zeng Fanxing, Shu Yang and Yang Xirang
  Relationship of teacher task presentation and student learning performance in basketball Ha Sau-Ching, Amy
  Effects of exercise modes on peak bone mineral density in human subjects Zhao Jiexiu
Communication Section Software of multiple statistical analysis for physical education Xu Yan and Zhao Wanlong
  Bioelectrical impedance and body composition assessment Andrew P. Hills and Nuala M. Byrne