The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XI, Nov, 2000
Articles Type Topic Author
  Shoulder Assessment Systems: A Comparison of Three Different Methods J.J. Lam, F.K. Ip, W.C. Wu, A.Y.Y. Au., E. So
  Effects of Tu-chung Extract on Serum Testosterone During Exercise Training in Normoxia and Hypobaric Hypoxia in Rats Yang Hu, Katsumi Asano, Sungryol Kim, Koh Mizuno
  Validity and Reliability of The Footpad Electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis System in Assessing Body Composition of Chinese University Male Students Hiu-Fai Fong, Bik C. Chow
  The Effects of the Overdrive and The Protective Function of Mg+2 Un Isolated Rat Heart Su Quan Shen, Bu Bin, Li Yia, Zhou Zhuyu
  Markers of Fatigue in Endurance Sports: A Preliminary Study Chan, K.K., Louie, L., Lam, B.
  Participation Motives of Hong Kong Inter-Sciiools Sports Competitions Athletes Cheung Siu-Yin
The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on the Cardiac Function of Women Lin Hua, Wang Hoivg