The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume XI, Nov, 2000

Validity and Reliability of The Footpad Electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis System in Assessing Body Composition of Chinese University Male Students

Department of Physical Education
Hong Kong Baptist University

The purposes of the present study were to investigate the validity and test-retest reliability of the pressure contact footpad electrode bioelectrical impedance analysis system (FPE) in measuring body composition. The subjects were 55 Chinese male university students aged 19-23 years. All subjects were measured by FPE twice within one hour in order to establish the reliability coefficient. In the validity study, the percentage body fat of thirty subjects was measured using underwater weighing, FPE, and the skinfold technique. The one-way ANOVA intra-class correlation coefficient for test-retest reliability study of FPE was found to be 0.99. The concurrent validity and standard error estimate (SEE) of FPE were acceptable (r=.81, SEE=2.36%BF), but the high total error (TE) (7.34%BF) and the significantly large mean difference (MD) between FPE and UWW (MD =6.95%BF, p<0.05) were unacceptable.

Key Words : body composition. UWW, BIA, pressure contact footpad electrodes.

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