The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume X, May, 2000
Articles Type Topic Author
  Perceived Physical Ability and Sport Participation Motivation of Hong Kong Children with Disabilities Cindy H. P. Sit Koenraad J. Lindner
  Common Sports Injuries in Hong Kong Secondary and Post-secondary School Sector Leung Mee-lee, Frank H. K. Fu
  Maturational Status, Pattern of Subcutaneous Fat and Total Fat in Adolescent Female Athletes and Non-athletes in China Katherine Thomas Thomas, Yang Xi Rang
  Possible Unanticipated Effects of Creatinemonohydrate Supplementation: A Brief Review Tim Henrich and Bill Carleton, Robert Pankey
  Research Developments in Detection of Exogenous Growth Hormone Abuse Zeng Fanxing and Wei Kunlin
  Study Progress of Resisting Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Drug Xie Minhao and Fang Zilong
Myogenic Low-Back Pain and Oblique Acupuncture LU Ding-Hou
  A Preliminary Study on the Measuring Training Intensity in Swimming Sheng Lei and Chang X.
  Effect of Exercise during Dialysis on Urea Clearance: A Preliminary Study Raymond W. Leung, Samuel A. Headley, Michael J. Germain