The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume X, May, 2000

Effect of Exercise during Dialysis on Urea Clearance: A Preliminary Study

Raymond W. Leung
University of Southern Indiana,
Evansville, IN USA

Samuel A. Headley
Springfield College, Springfield, MA, USA

Michael J. Germain
Tuft University
Boston Ma, USA

Using model simulations, Smye, Lindley, and Will (1998) postulated that exercise late in dialysis would improve urea clearance. The present study was designed to examine this model. Urea clearance was evaluated when exercise was performed during the final 30 min, of a dialysis session compared with no exercise performed during another dialysis session. Renal patients (N = 8) pedaled a bicycle ergometer for 30 min, at a workload that elicited a rating of perceived exertion (RPE) of 3 (moderate intensity) during the exercise testing condition. No significant (p> .05) difference in urea clearance was found between exercise versus no exercise testing conditions. Two patients experienced difficulties in completing the exercise due possibly to cardiovascular instability toward the end of dialysis. In short, the present finding did not support the model. However, this preliminary finding might not be conclusive as the small sample size and patients individual variability confounded the result. Comprehensive studies examining the effect of exercise during the early versus later stage of dialysis on urea clearance with cardiovascular responses monitored are warranted.

Key Words : urea clearance, intradialytic exercise, urea kinetic model

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