The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume X, May, 2000

Study Progress of Resisting Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Drug

Xie Minhao and Fang Zilong
China National Research Institute of Sports Medicine

Traditional Chinese tonic (TCT), regarded as the same original substance with food, has been used in the form of medicated diet, tea, and liquor for the purpose of strengthening body, prolonging life, and preventing disease for a long time. Based on this background, Chinese sports scientists have made lots of attempts to see whether TCT improved the physical recovery after training and regulated the functional disturbance due to exercise in the past two decades. In this review, some interesting methods of investigations were introduced, which included tonifications of Qi (vital energy), Blood, Yang (vital function), and Yin (vital essence), as well as Kidney and Spleen, and also involved regulations of the blood and the flow of Qi. Meanwhile, probable active mechanisms of the TCT were discussed.

Key Words : exercise, fatigue, traditional Chinese tonic / drug (TCT / TCD)

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