The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume X, May, 2000

Possible Unanticipated Effects of Creatinemonohydrate Supplementation: A Brief Review

Tim Henrich and Bill Carleton,
University of the Incarnate Word,
San Antonio, Texas USA

Robert Pankey,
Texas A&M University,
Corpus Christi, Texas USA

This brief review was written to discuss unanticipated effects of creatinemonohydrate (CM) supplementation. Creatinemonohydrate has been called the only ergogenic aid to work but the kinds of work bouts that have been shown to be enhanced by CM supplementation are not in the time periods of any competitive swimming event. Most ergogenic aids such as steroids and erythropoieten have been proven to work but have dramatic and debilitating side effects. CM has not been shown to have any of these particularly negative side effects and is widely used by athletes. The possibility does exist that CM supplementation could result in adaptations to training that are not suited to events in competitive swimming. It could disrupt the rate of oxygen consumption during the early parts of a race and could affect people with different genetic characteristics in different ways. We strongly recommend that swimmers do not risk being subjected to these effects and eliminate CM as their training supplement.

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