The Hong Kong Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports

Volume X, May, 2000

Perceived Physical Ability and Sport Participation Motivation of Hong Kong Children with Disabilities

Cindy H. P. Sit
Koenraad J. Lindner
Physical Education and Sports Science Unit
The University of Hong Kong
Hillel Ruskin

Sport participation motivation of school-aged children with disabilities who differed in their self-perceived physical ability (PPA) were examined. A comparison was also made with an able-bodied sample. In general children of higher PPA levels were more intrinsically motivated for their sport participation than those of lower PPA levels. It was found that children with disabilities of higher PPA levels subscribed more to competence and social motives than able-bodied children. As for the children with disabilities of lower PPA levels, the present study suggested that they have a lower (i.e.. more fragile) self-concept than able-bodied children of same PPA levels. A deeper investigation into the factor of self-concept is recommended for future research involving individuals with disabilities.

Key words : Perceived physical ability; Motives; Children with and without disabilities; Self-concept

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