Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

Volume 9 Number 1, January 2004
Articles Type Topic Author
Special Invited Articles What's New in Childhood Hypertension? MJ DILLON
  Infant Dialysis SE LEDERMANN
  Management Options for Henoch-Schönlein Nephritis: Evidence-based Approach WKY CHAN, SY CHAN, W CHIU, KW FONG, KW LEE, NKC TSE, SN WONG, PS YEUNG
Local Experiences

Lessons from a Limited Paediatric Renal Registry 1998-2000 SN WONG, NKC TSE, for Paediatric Renal Diseases Surveillance Team*
  Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infection in Children: Experience in a Regional Hospital in Hong Kong KW FONG, SN WONG
  Haemofiltration: Experience in a Local Paediatric Intensive Care Unit BCB WU, WKY CHAN, TY MIU, GLH CHAN
  Automated Peritoneal Dialysis: Clinical Experience in 32 Children


  Is Early Morning Urine Osmolality a Good Predictor of Response to Oral Desmopressin in Children with Primary Monosymptomatic Nocturnal Enuresis? KW LEE, WKY CHAN
  Primary Nocturnal Enuresis: Patient Attitudes and Parental Perceptions CFN NG, SN WONG, for Hong Kong Childhood Enuresis Study Group*
Occasional Survey Can We Prevent Chronic Renal Failure in Children? SN WONG
  Laparoscopy in Paediatric Urology: Recent Advances JD SIHOE, N MAGSANOC, B SREEDHAR, CK YEUNG
  An Update Overview on Paediatric Renal Transplantation MC CHIU