Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

Volume 8 Number 4, October 2003

The Management of Biliary Atresia in the Era of Liver Transplantation

KKY Wong, KL Chan, H Saing, ST Fan, PKH Tam

Biliary atresia is the commonest cause of pathological jaundice in infants. The aetiology and pathogenesis are largely unknown despite advances in molecular science. Hepatic portoenterostomy (Kasai operation) remains the primary treatment of choice with a satisfactory cure rate. With the continuing success of paediatric liver transplantation programmes worldwide, many infants with deteriorating liver disease after failed Kasai operations can now be saved by liver transplantation. Here, we discussed the current understanding of biliary atresia and our experience in both the Kasai operation and liver transplantation. (HK J Paediatr (new series) 2003;8:322-326)

Key words : Biliary atresia; Kasai operation; Liver transplantation; Risk factors

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