Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

Volume 8 Number 3, July 2003

Treatment of Allergic Enteropathy in a 7-year-old Girl with Controlled-release Budesonide

TF Tong, DKK Ng, PK Hui, WF Lau


We reported the use of controlled-release budesonide in the treatment of allergic enteropathy. A 7-year-old girl presented with features of allergic enteropathy complicated by malabsorption and protein losing enteropathy. She initially responded well to an elimination diet and a course of systemic steroid which however resulted in depressed height velocity. In view of unsatisfactory histological response, a course of controlled-release Budesonide (Entocort) was given for 6 months. This resulted in improvement in mucosa histology together with normalisation of height velocity. She was followed up for 6 years with no clinical relapse. (HK J Paediatr (new series) 2003;8:192-197)

Key words : Allergy; Budesonide; Child; Diarrhoea; Enteropathy; Gastroenteropathy


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