Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

Volume 6 Number 2, October 2001
Articles Type Topic Author
Feature Articles Neural Rescue Therapy After Perinatal Hypoxia-ischaemia by Moderate Hypothermia NJ Robertson, D Azzopardi, AD Edwards
  Functions of Surfactant Proteins in Vivo Discerned by Gene Targeting in Transgenic Mice JA Whitsett
Original Articles Central Diabetes Insipidus in Premature Neonates with Brain Injury LTW Chan, VYH Yu
  The Education of Child Health Nurses: A Pioneer Programme in Hong Kong SSC Chan
  Treatment of Paediatric Cancers in Hong Kong: An Interim Report CK Li, GCF Chan, KW Chik, SY Ha, YL Lau, ACW Lee, CY Lee, CK Li, SC Ling, CW Luk, MMK Shing, HL Yuen, PMP Yuen
  The Recommendation of Disability Allowance for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Patients ACW Lee
Occasional Survey Undergraduate Medical Education: Perpetuum Mobile DP Davies