Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

Volume 6 Number 2, October 2001

Central Diabetes Insipidus in Premature Neonates with Brain Injury

LTW Chan, VYH Yu

We report two premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome who developed central diabetes insipidus following intracranial insult. There was no midline defect noted both radiologically and clinically. Pituitary hormone profiles were within normal limits in the infants. Intranasal desmopressin was prescribed to both of them with prompt response which was shown by a reduction of urine output and normalization of serum sodium level with urine concentrating ability. The dose and administration method of desmopressin were repeatedly adjusted. Central diabetes insipidus did not resolve even after the complete resolution of intraventricular haemorrhage in one of the babies. (HK J Paediatr (new series) 2001;6:100-104)

Key words : Central diabetes insipidus; Desmopressin

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