Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Volume 6 Number 1, April 2002

Lumbar corsets: compliance and effectiveness for lower back pain

Khan AM,1 Salih M,2 Levack B1
1Departmetn of Orthopaedics and Trauma, King George Hospital and 2Northwick Hospital, Essex, United Kingdom

Aims: To assess whether lumbar corsets are being effectively prescribed to control lower back pain in our study group.
Methods: A postal questionnaire was sent to 130 consecutive patients who were prescribed lumbar corset for control of back pain in a 2-year period. 102 (78%) patients responded. The Greenough and Fraser and visual analogue scoring system were used to assess the physical and functional improvement of back pain.
Results: Of the 102 patients responded, 64 were females (62.7%) and 76 (74.5%) patients had worn the lumbar corset for more than 1 year of duration. Ninety (88%) patients normally worn the corset all day or most part of the day. There was an improvement in the total back pain outcome score before versus after wearing the lumbar corset: Greenough and Fraser mean 30.02 up form 20.07 (p<0.0001); and visual analogue mean pain score down to 4.90 form 8.30 (p<0.001). Conclusions: We conclude that lumbar corsets were being effectively prescribed and that there is good compliance and control of back pain in our study group. (Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 2002;6(1):34-38)

Key words: Low back pain; Lumbar vertebrae/physiopathology; Spinal injuries


Khan AM, Salih M, Levack B

方法:過去兩年共130位病者因腰背痛而選用背褡。我們以郵寄問卷調查所有病者,共102位(78 )回覆。又以Greenough和Fraser法及視覺鑒別標度去評估生理性和功能的改善。
結果:回覆之病者中,64例(62.7 )為女性,76名(74.5 )病者用背褡多於一年。九十名(88 )病者每天全或大部份時間都帶用背褡。以Greenough和Fraser法評核生活功能之影響,用背褡前平均得分為20.07,用後為30.02(p<0.0001)。以視覺鑒別標度評核,用背褡前平均得分為8.30,用後為4.9(p<0.001)。

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