Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Volume 6 Number 1, April 2002

Development of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong and its implications for orthopaedic surgery

Leung PC
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology and Management Committee of the Institute of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Chinese medicine has always enjoyed reasonable popularity in Hong Kong, as it has in all other Chinese communities. Its practitioners have been using Chinese herbs, proprietary herbal preparations, acupuncture, and bone setting as practical means of treating ailments. With the current world trend of interest in alternative medicine, many scientific practitioners would like to start clinical trials of the traditional means and methodology. Programs currently being conducted include acupuncture for chronic back pain and neurological deficits; herbal treatment for bone cancers and bone metastases; herbal bath for control of swollen hands and feet; and an integrated approach for diabetic foot ulcers. As long as orthopaedic surgeons are aware of the potential and promise of these complementary traditional measures, a future with an integrated approach has a lot to offer.. (Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 2002;6(1):1-5.)

Key Words : Chinese medicine; Complementary/alternative medicine; Orthopaedics



在香港以及其他地區的華人社會, 中醫素受尊重。中醫師按病者需要使用中藥、中成藥、或針炙治病。由於目前的全球性趨向,社會對使用輔助醫學漸感興趣,不少西醫和科學工作者都有意對傳統醫學方法和藥物進行臨床研究。現有以中醫藥補足現代骨科治療的項目包括:針炙治療背痛及神經損害、草藥輔助骨癌治療、草藥浸浴消除手腳局部腫脹、中藥配合西醫學處理糖尿腳癐瘍等。若骨科同寅多留意探討中醫藥對補足一些治療缺陷的潛力,綜合治療將為醫學開拓一個新的領域。

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