Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Volume 5 Number 2, October 2001
Articles Type Topic Author
Scientific Papers Anterior approach to the upper thoracic spine (T2-T4): the experience of seven cases Fung KY, Lam CY, Law SW
  Standard growth of lower extremities in children and adolescents in Hong Kong Ko HHN, Li YH
  Bundled sutures and patient comfort during suture removal Man SW, Yip SF, Chang YP, Chan WY, Go WM
Case Reports Bosworth fracture dislocation of the ankle Cheung KY, Choi SH, Wong MS
  Fibro-osseous pseudotumour in fingers - a report on their recurrence Mak KH, Mak KL
  Gemella morbillorum osteomyelitis in an adolescent Cheugn HM, Lai WM
Managing of supracondylar femur fracture in a patient with congenital antithrombin III deficiency Wong KC, Leung KS
A Case of a medically correctable pes cavus deformity - Segawa disease Yam CF, Ho ST, Ho YF
A case of Nievergelt-Pearlman syndrome in a Chinese patient Wong EWY, Lee EWK
  Pseudoaneurysm of the radial artery after plate removal Fung BKK, Ip WY
Review Articles Wound ballistics: Part I - Basic science Chow YY
History of Orthopaedics Great names in the history of Orthopaedics III - Abraham Colles Fu LKT
Clinical. Radiology. Pathology Conference A huge thigh mass arising form the pelvis: uncovering the hidden cause Leung WY, Cheung MF, Wu WC