Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Volume 5 Number 2, October 2001

A huge thigh mass arising form the pelvis: uncovering the hidden cause

Leung WY,1 Cheung MF,2 Wu WC1
Department of 1Orthopaedics and Traumatology and 2Clinical Pathology, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong.

We report on a middle-aged man from a nearby city who presented to us with a slowly growing mass extending from his pelvis to his right thigh. Pelvis radiographs showed faint calcification at the obturator foramen. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a lesion that involved the adductor compartment of thight and the pelvis. A chondroid lesion was found during the incisional biopsy. The tumour was later excised with reconstruction of the pelvic floor done using synthetic mesh. The pelvic rign stability was restored through the use of an autogenous fibular graft, plates, and screws. Histolocical examination and subsequent 3-dimensional computed tomography of the specimen confirmed secondary chondrosarcoma. All resection margins wer clear. Good prognosis is expected int heis case. (Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 2001;5(2):141, 155-158.)

一個起因于盤骨的大腿腫瘤 : 隱藏的原因


本文報導一例的一生長緩慢腫塊。病者為中年男仕,腫塊由盤骨伸延至右大腿。 盤骨X光片顯示閉孔有微弱的鈣化現象。 磁共振証實腫瘤位於盤骨及右大腿內收肌。活組織檢查發現了軟骨類組織。 腫瘤稍後被切除,並分別用纖維網和腓骨重組髖臼和盤骨及恢復盤骨圓環的穩定性。 從組織檢查和三維電腦X射線斷層掃描的結果分析,該腫塊為繼發性毒軟骨肉瘤。 所有切除邊際沒有發現腫瘤細胞,病者預後良好。

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