Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Volume 5 Number 2, October 2001

Bosworth fracture dislocation of the ankle

Cheung KY, Choi SH, Wong MS
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Alice Ho Miu Nethersole Hospital, Hong Kong.

In 1848 Hugier report a "new dislocation of the ankle", and in 1947 Bosworth elaborated on this form of irreducible ankle fracture dislocation, which is chaacterized by the locking of the proximal fibular fragment behind the tibia. In this situation prompt diagnosis ensures early and appropriate surgical treatment that will minimize any permanent disability in the patient. This article reports a case of Bosworth fracture dislocation of the ankle and discusses its characteristic clinical and radiological features, particularly the severe external rotation deformity, surgical findings, and the approach to its management. (Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 2001;5(2):113-116.)

Key Words : Ankle injuries; Dislocations, pathology; Fibula, surgery, Fracutre, radiography

Bosworth 踝關節骨折脫位


Hugier 於1848年曾報告一種『新的踝關節脫位』;1947年,Bosworth更詳盡地闡述這種特點為近端腓骨斷片銷定於脛骨後方、p能複位的踝關節骨折脫位。迅速的診斷能確保病者及早得到適當的手術處理,將永久殘疾減到最少。我門報告一例罕見的Bosworth踝關節骨折脫位,病者由於腓骨卡在脛骨後方引致不能內復位。本文討論Bosworth踝關節骨折脫位的臨床及放射學特性,尤其這種踝關節骨折脫位的嚴重外旋轉變形、手術發現、及其處理手法。

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