Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Volume 5 Number 1, April 2001

Early results of Spotorno cementless stem in total hip arthroplasty in Chinese patients

Chiu SY, Wu WC, Tsang WL, Ko PS, Lam J
Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology,
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong.

This retrospective study reviewed 30 total hip arthroplasties performed in 25 Chinese patients since 1994, using the Spotorno cementless stem prosthesis (Protek, Berne, Switzerland) with Wagner cup. The age of the patients ranged from 21.0 to 58.0 years. Patients were evaluated at a mean of 29.0 months (16.0-52.0 months) postoperatively. The mean preoperative and postoperative Harris hip scores were 53 and 87, respectively. One patient had slight postoperative bilateral thigh pain, whereas all others had no thigh pain. Complications included three intraoperative femoral fractures, one sacral sore, and one case of deep vein thrombosis. Radiological evidence of postoperative varus migration was seen in 10.0% of the stems. Two thirds of the stems had subsidence of at least 2.0mm; reduction of calcar thickness of at least 2.0 mm was present in one third of stems. Hypertrophy of the femoral shaft was seen in 57.0% of cases; the most common zones affected were Gruen zones 2,3, and 5. The early results of Spotorno cementless stem in total hip arthroplasty in Chinese patients were satisfactory. (Hong Kong j. orthop. surg. 2001;5(1):11-17)

Key Words: Arthroplasty, replacement, hip; Hip joint/radiography; Hip prosthesis; Titanium; Treatment outcome

無骨水泥 Spotorno 幹用於中國病者全髖關節置換術之早期結果


自1994年至1998年間,共25名中國病者(30例)接受無骨水泥 Spotorno 幹人工全髖關節 (Protek, Berne, Switzerland) 置換術。經16.0至52.0個月(平均29.0月)的隨診,Harris 髖評分由平均術前的53提升至術後的87。術後除一名病者兩側大腿輕微疼痛外,其餘病芚L痛。併發症包括:三例術中股骨折,褥瘡與小腿靜脈栓塞各一。出現術後內偏的股骨人工幹有10.0%。三分二股骨人工幹出現至少2.00mm的沉降。三分一股骨距出現至少2.00mm的收縮。股骨出現骨性肥厚有57.0%。 最常受影響的範圍是Gruen2,3,及5區。無骨水泥 Spotorno 幹用於中國病者全髖關節置換術之早期效果令人滿意。

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