Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology

Volume 6 Number 2, 2004

Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome with IgM Deposits in Kimura・s Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review

Sze-Kit Yuen

Sai-Ping Yong

Wilson Man-Shan Tsui, Department of Pathology, Caritas Medical Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China.

Fung-Yee Siu
Hing-Sum Tsui
King-On Cheung

Renal Unit, Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, Caritas Medical Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China.

Kimura・s disease is a rare condition of unknown etiology. It has been reported to be associated with nephrotic syndrome, but the causal relationship and etiological mechanism have not been confirmed. We report a case of steroid-responsive minimal-change nephrotic syndrome with immunoglobulin M deposits 2 years after the diagnosis of Kimura・s disease. A review of the English-language literature from 1998 to May 2004 revealed a total of eight cases of nephrotic syndrome in patients with Kimura・s disease. Six had nephrotic syndrome before the diagnosis of Kimura・s disease was made, four of whom needed dialysis. The relationship between Kimura・s disease and nephropathy is discussed.

Key words: Kimura's disease, eosinophilia, nephrotic syndrome, minimal-change nephrotic syndrome, immunoglobulin M

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