Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology

Volume 5 Number 2, 2003

Peritoneal Transport: From Basics to Bedside

Tao Wang, Bengt Lindholm

Comprehensive understanding of peritoneal solute and fluid transport is of clinical significance to nephrologists in guiding prescription of peritoneal dialysis. In this review, we discuss the basic knowledge of peritoneal transport and its relationship with the prescription of peritoneal dialysis and new peritoneal dialysis solutions. The roles of neoangiogenesis, peritoneal inflammation and changes in peritoneal hydraulic permeability, especially changes in tissue hyaluronan content and peritoneal surface layer, are also discussed. [Hong Kong J Nephrol 2003;5(2):65-72]

Key words: peritoneal transport, membrane permeability, kinetics, neoangiogenesis, peritoneal surface layer


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