Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology

Volume 4 Number 2, 2002

Immunologic renal diseases

Rebecca Wing-Yan Chan
Cheuk-Chun Szeto
Eric G. Neilson and William G. Couser (Ed.) Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001, 1311 pages. ISBN 0-7817-2773-1

We read this excellent work, compiled by Eric Neilson and William Couser, with pleasure. With the booming of immunology and molecular biotechnology, immunologic renal disease is accelerating from a fledgling section into a specialized discipline complete with rapid advances. The editors have devoted their in-depth experiences in studying immunologic renal disease to provide an integrated view of this discipline in a single volume. All chapters are arranged in a well-organized manner, in which the reader can move easily from basic science to clinical applications and back.

This book consists of four comprehensive sections: Chapter 1 reviews the historical events and evolution of renal immunopathology. Chapters 2 to 5 emphasize the pathophysiology of immune renal diseases. Chapters 6 to 31 devote to current understanding of the mechanisms, including induction, mediation pathways, individual molecules and cells that cause immunologic renal disease, and their consequences on renal structure and function. Chapters 32 to 33 contain animal models, which bridge the discussion of renal immunopathology in the early chapters to the clinical diseases and their management described in Chapters 34 to 53.

The authors' earnest contribution in this field is reflected by their concise but comprehensive discussion of the contemporary understanding of the immuno-pathophysiology of various renal diseases. This book is not only an excellent reference for experienced investigators and clinicians; it is an enlightenment to the development of new therapeutics or regimens for the treatment and prevention of immunologic renal diseases. In short, this is a preeminent book of renal immunology. We highly recommend this book for all clinicians and research workers in this field. (Hong Kong J Nephrol 2002;4(2):118)

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