Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology

Volume 3 Number 2, 2001
Articles Type Topic Author
Editorial The burden of diabetes mellitus in renal failure patients--a plea for MORE action NOW PKT Li
Review Articles Role of the podocyte in glomerular injury PW Mathieson
  Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders: a simplified overview JKC Chan
Original Articles Effect of NK-104 on proliferation of cells JS He, S Horikoshi, K Funabiki, I Shirato, Y Tomino
  Conversion of calcitriol to 1-a-hydroxy vitamin D3 in the treatment of peritoneal dialysis patients with renal osteodystrophy CC Szeto, KM Chow, AKL Wu, TYH Wong, AYM Wang, PKT Li, SF Lui, CB Leung
  The adequacy of peritoneal dialysis in a single Chinese center Q Yao, AW Lin, JQ Qian, Q Ren, DY Zhang, H Ying
A study of a comprehensive medical intervention including a dietary component in elderly patients on hemodialysis YQ Ge, M Yuan, XQ Ding, ZL Wu
Renal Registry Renal replacement therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus in Hong Kong BY Choy, YW Ho, KF Chau, CB Leung, WK Tsang, SF Lui
Case Reports Monitoring of serum hepatitis C virus RNA level during steroid therapy for hepatitis C virus-positive antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-related glomerulonephritis: report of two cases A Kurusu, S Horikoshi, S Ueyama-Sakoda, Y Takeda, K Maeda, S Suzuki, K Funabiki, I Shirato, Y Tomino
  Atypical presentation of calciphylaxis in a patient with renal failure: successful treatment with unfractionated heparin YH Chan, KM Wong, PCH Kwok, CY Cheung, WL Chak, KS Choi, KF Chau, CS Li