Hong Kong Journal of Gynaecology Obstetrics and Midwifery

Volume 1 Number 2, December 2000
Articles Type Topic Author
  Metamorphosis of Hong Kong Midwifery Anne WM CHOW
  An Audit of Emergency Gynaecological Admission in a Regional Hospital Shell Fean WONG, Evelyn LK YEO, Lowina HY TSE
  Assessing Women in Pregnancy and Labour: Is it Better to Palpate? A Perspective From Midwives Celi MY MAK, Hong Soo WONG
  Prevalence of Postpartum Morbidity in Hong Kong: A Pilot Study Valerie LEVY,Violeta LOPEZ, Anne CHOW, Sandra WONG
  Review on Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Sambit MUKHOPADHYAY, Sabratnam ARULKUMARAN
  Postnatal Depression in Chinese Women - An Overlooked Problem? Lai Fong HO, Terence TH LAO
  Fetal DNA in Maternal Plasma: Biological and Diagnostic Implications Rossa WK CHIU, YM Dennis LO
Case Report: A Woman with Flushing Face Aaron Chi Wai KWOK, Siu Keung LAM, Nises Chandra PODDAR