Hong Kong Journal of Gynaecology Obstetrics and Midwifery

Volume 1 Number 1, July 2000
Articles Type Topic Author
  Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Hong Kong Ho Kei MA
  Normative Values of Ultrasound Tibial Bone Densitometry for Chinese Women in Hong Kong Evelyn LK YEO, Lawrence CH TANG
  Outcome of 555 Consecutive Transabdominal Chorionic Villus Samplings in a Teaching Hospital Tze Kin LAU MD, Mo Ching Macy CHAU, Tak Yeung LEUNG, Man Wah Selina PANG, Tak Yuen FUNG, Tse Ngong LEUNG
  Evaluation of Routine Obstetric Ultrasound Examination in detecting Fetal Structural Abnormalities in Low Risk Pregnancies Wing Cheong LEUNG, Chin Peng LEE MBBS, Mary, Hoi Yin TANG
  Paediatrician Standby at Deliveries - A Reappraisal of the Current Indications William WK TO, Alice SY FUNG, KM MOK
  Maternity Blues and Postnatal Depression in Low Risk Mothers May SM NG, SY SIN, Alice SY SHAM
  Combination of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer Yik-Ming CHAN, Ling-Chui WONG
The Use of Anticonvulsants in the Treatment and Prevention of Eclampsia KY LEUNG, WL LAU
  Medicine in the Evolving Internet Joseph SK WOO
  In Utero Treatment of Hydrops Fetalis due to Parvovirus B19 Infection: a Case Report Pui Shan NG, Tak Yeung LEUNG, Tse Ngong LEUNG, Tze Kin LAU