Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine

Volume 10 Number 3, July 2003
Articles Type Topic Author
Original Articles A study of orotracheal intubation in emergency departments of five district hospitals in Hong Kong YF Choi, TW Wong, CC Lau, AYC Siu, CB Lo, MC Yuen, WK Tung, P Ng, CW Kam, TK Mui, WL Yuen, B Lim, ACH Lit
  Predictive value of a 6-hour ECG/troponin protocol in patients with chest pain CY Man, PA Cameron, WL Cheung
  An analysis of unscheduled return visits to the accident and emergency department of a general public hospital CP Ng and CH Chung
  Acute infectious diarrhoea in adults: identifying clinical parameters associated with specific pathogens SSW Chan, KC Ng, PKW Lam, DJ Lyon, WL Cheung, TH Rainer
  An outcome study on the management of alleged fish bone ingestion using fibre-optic endoscope by emergency physician KK Ma and WL Yuen
Reviews Articles Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation for acute respiratory failure in emergency department: a qualitative review HFL Lee
  Clinical audit in emergency medicine CH Chung
Case Reports Delayed rupture of occult splenic injury: a case report CKM Chan, HS Chiu, CH Chung
Special Feature Article Is there a doctor on-board?: medical liability during in-flight emergencies F Lateef, CSK Tay, N Nimbkar