Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine

Volume 10 Number 1, January 2003

Female trauma patients in the emergency department: should their injury prevention programme be different?

KC Chan, E Seow, G Lau, SP Chan, KY Tham

Background: (1) To compare the characteristics of female and male trauma patients seen in the Emergency Department (ED) and (2) to determine if injury prevention programmes for women should be different.Methods: A prospective survey was conducted for 11544 trauma patients, aged 15 years and above, who presented to the ED of an urban public hospital in Singapore over 6 months. The following data were collected: demography, place, type and mechanism of injury and subsequent disposition from the ED. Results: Almost half (49.5%) the injuries sustained by females occurred at home, with low falls of less than 2 metres being the most common mechanism of injury (52.7%). Victims of domestic violence were predominantly female at p<0.0001. Conclusion: Injury prevention programs for women should focus on home safety and low falls. Special assistance programs for the victims of domestic violence should be available in the ED as the latter may be their only access to safety. (Hong Kong j.emerg.med. 2003;10:13-18)

Keywords : Emergency department visits, female trauma patients, injury prevention, low falls

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