Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine

Volume 9 Number 4, October 2002

Low back pain: would it be psoas abscess?

AYC Siu, KL Law, CB Lo, CH Chung

Psoas abscess is an uncommon clinical entity. It can be a primary infection with no obvious source of infection or a secondary infection from other sites, e.g. gastrointestinal tract or spinal pathology. The triads of presentation: fever, loin pain and limitation of hip movement may not be found in all patients. The correct diagnosis can be made with a vigilant clinical examination and appropriate investigation, for example ultrasonography. We present two cases of psoas abscess. One was a primary case and the other was secondary to carcinoma of caecum. Both of them presented with recent onset of back pain. Emergency physicians consider psoas abscess as one of the differential diagnosis for patient complaining of low back pain. (Hong Kong j.emerg.med. 2002;9:213-216)

Keywords : Back pain, primary, psoas abscess, secondary

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