Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine

Volume 9 Number 1, January 2002
Articles Type Topic Author
Original Articles An opinion survey on patient acceptance of a two-day medication supply policy in emergency departments WF Tang, CH Chung, TSF Wu, KK Lai
  A retrospective review of patients with necrotizing fasciitis presenting to an emergency department in Hong Kong FP Sin, MC Yuen, KW Lam, CW Wu, WK Tung
  The effectiveness of catheter aspiration in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax SYH Tang, HL Lau, JTS Chan
Vibrio parahaemolyticus: a leading cause of infectious diarrhoea in Hong Kong SSW Chan, KC Ng, WL Cheung, TH Rainer
A study on the use of abdominal X-ray in an emergency department SY Choi, TW Wong, CC Lau, E Liang, YK Fu, J Khoo
Reviews Anaphylaxis: an emergency physician's perspective HFL Lee
Case Reports Case report: life threatening bleeding following maxillofacial injury KL Tsui, HH Yau, CW Kam
Case report: blast injury SH Leung, KY Cheung, HH Yau, CW Kam
Special Feature Basics of research (Part 5): ethics and human rights CV Pollack and EA Panacek