Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine

Volume 8 Number 4, October 2001

Why are follow-up clinic services required in emergency departments in Hong Kong?

CW Kam, HH Yau, MS Ku, S Lin, CH Kan

To identify the roles of follow-up clinic (FUC) of emergency departments (ED), which is unique of the western medicine of Hong Kong, a study was conducted between 1998 to 1999 to collect data on the case-mix of the FUC patients, their satisfaction with the services, the waiting period of the specialist out-patient department (SOPD) and the functions of the FUC as viewed by the Emergency Physicians in the ED of Tuen Mun Hospital. One hundred and fifty-eight patients were surveyed. The majority was of musculoskeletal trauma. Most were satisfied with the services. The waiting period of the SOPD was in terms of month. The respondent doctors considered the functions of the FUC were to fill in the gaps bridging the specialist and primary health care as well as to provide training for the physicians for medium-term after-care. (Hong Kong j.emerg.med. 2001;8:189-195)

Keywords : Emergency department, follow-up clinic, roles, satisfaction, waiting time

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