Journal of the Hong Kong Geriatrics Society

Volume 11 Number 1, January 2002

Complementation on Shanghai health care for the elderly in the 21st century

H Lu, M Hu

With development and civilization of the society, the elderly population of the world as well as China is growing remarkably. In the year 2000, China becomes a demographically aging country while Shanghai became the first demographically aging city in China early in the year 1978. Shanghai is rapidly developing society of aging with increasing percentage of older old people as well as high rate of morbidity and disability. "Aging of the heath" is an eternal topic and the goal of "Aging of the health" is to prolong life span as well as to improve quality of life. However, criteria for healthy elderly concerning specific index, measure and appraisal, are to be further studied in the 21st century. Since most geriatric diseases are related to psychological factors, study and application of Geriatric Psychology in the 21st century seem most pressing and significant ever in history. The aging world of the 21st century is bound to result in reforms in medical care patterns, which will undoubtedly offer Geriatric Medicine new opportunities and challenges. So it is necessary that we formulate appropriate policies to fit in the needs of health care for the so that we may achieve the goal of "Aging of the health". The specificity of Geriatrics will promote development of General Medicine, which is a turning point in medical history. (J HK Geriatr Soc 2002; 11:46-48)

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