Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Volume 5 Number 3, 2002

Amyloidosis: The Value of Bone Scintigraphy

K Wang,1 SL Fung,2 V Chan,3 JCS Chan1
1Department of Radiology, United Christian Hospital, 2Department of Radiology, Tuen Mun Hospital, 3Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong

An 80-year old woman complained of a 1-month history of dry cough. Bronchoscopy and tracheobronchial biopsy revealed tracheobronchial amyloidosis. Compted tomography scan showed narrowing of the trachea with intraluminal nodularity. Whole body and single photon emission computed tomography 99mTc pyrophosphate scan revealed diffuse uptake in the tracheobronchial tree, liver, and myocardium - with a unique biventricular pattern. Scintigraphy may assist in establishing the diagnosis, as well as in evaluating systemic involvement in amyloidosis. (J HK Coll Radiol 2002;5:183-185)

Key Words: Amyloidosis, Computed tomography, Radionuclide imaging

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