Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Volume 4 Number 4, 2001

Coexistence of Malignant Meningioma and Anaplastic Ganglioglioma

HL Chau,1 CM Chan,1 WM Pong,2 TC Tan,3 JY Cheung,1 SC Chan1
1Department of Radiology and Imaging,
2Department of Pathology,
3Department of Neurosurgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong

The case of a 45-year-old Chinese man with coexisting intracranial tumours is reported. Following presentation with left hemiparesis, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the patient's brain identified a large, soft tissue mass, with massive oedema in the adjacent brain parenchyma. Coarse calcifications were noted at the periphery of the mass. Surgical resection of the mass was performed and microscopic examination of the specimen revealed the presence of a malignant meningioma, and an anaplastic ganglioglioma. (J HK Coll Radiol 2001;4:297-301)

Key Words: Computed tomography, Ganglioglioma, Magnetic resonance imaging, Meningioma

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